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Kadambam Rice



Cook rice till each grain is separate. Allow it to cool completely. Soak tamarind in water and extract. Pressure cook dhal, potatoes and colacasia in separate containers. Cut other vegetables into 2 inch long pieces. Heat little oil and fry brinjals, banana, lady's finger and drumstick for a few minutes. Add enough water to tamarind pulp. Boil all the vegetables in this tamarind water till vegetablesbecome soft. Add cooked peas, channa, mashed, cooked dhal, diced tomatoes, potatoes and colacasia. Add salt and enough sambar powder. Grind coconut and curry leaves and add them to the vegetables. Boil till it becomes thick and vegetables change in color. Add cooked rice to this and mix well. Soak black gram dhal separately and grind to thick paste with salt. Deep fry small vadas from this batter and add it to the mixed rice. Keep few vadas for garnishing. Heat ghee, fry cashewnuts and garnish on top of rice. Serce hot.
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