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Vegetable Sizzlers


Vegetables Sauces Grind together


Par boil whole carrots, cabbage leaves(3 inch square pieces) and shelled peas in water for 2 minutes. Strain well. Slice onions, capsicums, tomatoes, cucumber into thin discs. Cut par boiled vegetables into discs and prick with a fork. Smear ground paste on all vegetables. Heat half of the butter in a pan and fry the vegetables carefully without mashing it. Heat a tawa and arrange cutlets in the centre and other vegetables around carefully in decorative manner. Sprinkle all the sauces as per taste and other half of the butter. Finally keeping yourself little away from the hot pan, sprinkle vinegar on top. Bring hot to the table with the tawa and serve sizzling hot.

Caution: Butter and vinegar together added to hot pan gives sizzler effects with splutter sounds.
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