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Poha Bhel


For red dalia chutney


To prepare poha, heat oil, add sun dried crisp thin variety of poha, turmeric powder and salt. Roast on medium heat. Stir continuously till all are cooked with oil and masala. Cool to room temperature.

To prepare chutney, roast red chillies. Make coarse powder and take out in a bowl. Make fine powder of dalia and add to the powdered chillies. Also add salt, lemon juice, asafoetida and water. Mix well to make chutney.

To prepare one serving of poha of bhel, take 1/2 cup crisp pohas in a serving plate. Mix a few potatoes and onion. Pour red dalia chutney over it. Sprinkle coriander leaves. Serve at teatime as snack.
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