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Green Pea Sheek Kebab


For Masala Paste:

For Mint Chutney:


  1. To make sheek kebabs, prepare 10 bamboo sticks, pencil thin of 6" length or use long wooden cocktail sticks.
  2. Wrap each one snugly with a piece of aluminium foil.
  3. To prepare sheek kebab mixture, mix all the ingredients with masala paste and divide into 10 portions.
  4. Wrap each portion of the mixture around the stick with oily fingers.
  5. Deep fry to light brown colour.
  6. Remove hot kebabs from the sticks and serve with mint chutney.

Mint Chutney:

  1. To make mint chutney, grind to paste all ingredients for chutney except salt and lemon juice.
  2. Add salt and lemon juice or curd to the chutney and mix well.
Makes 10 pieces
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