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Cashewnut Halwa



Soak the cashewnuts in a little water. Shell the cardamom capsules, powder the seeds. After 30 minutes, drain the cashewnuts and grind into a smooth paste, along with milk. Bring 400 ml if water to a boil in a thick-bottomed and wide-mouthed vessel; add sugar stir well until the sugar melts and begins to thicken again. Add kesari powder, saffron and the cashewnut paste and stir well. When the milk in the ingredients evaporates, add the remaining ghee gradually and mix well. Soon teh ingredients will turn into a pliable mass, no longer sticking to the vessel. Shut off the flame and add powdered cardamom and borneal crystals and mix well. Pour halwa on a plate greased with ghee and spread evenly with plantain leaf and let it cool. When set firmly, cut into diamond shaped pieces of desired size and serve.

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