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Soak rice in cold water for three to four hours. Wash and add the grated coconut and cooked boiled rice. Grind it in a mixie to a smooth paste. Cover and keep aside for 12 hours to ferment. Mix yeast and sugar in a little luke warm water. Cover and keep aside till it rises. Add to the rice batter. Beat well with a spoon. Keep in a warm place for one hour. By this time the batter would have risen to double the quantity.

Place a small kadai or non-stick pan on the fire. Grease it lightly with an oiled cloth. Pour about a quarter cup of batter and remove pan from fire and tilt around to coat the side of the pan with a thin layer of batter. Replace on fire and cover with a tight fittin lid. When cooked, remove to a plate. (The side of the vellayappam will be slightly crisp and the middle puffed up). Serve hot with vegetable stew.
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